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Special Notices

Water Treatment Alert

Jerry received the following message from Illinois American Water concerning a change in how they are treating water. Be advised to use caution in how you remove chlorine for your water changes until further notice.

Illinois American Water Company - Champaign District will be making a change from Chloramine to Chlorine as our disinfectant for the foreseeable future. The chloramines that we normally use is chlorine combined with ammonia to form a "total" chlorine residual. Since the chlorine is already reacted with ammonia it is less reactive and less noticeable to the average customer. However, this also means that it is harder to remove from the water since it is already partially reacted. The chlorine or "free" residual that we will be switching to is more reactive and more noticeable to the average customer. This means that it will more easily be removed from the water but certain removal methods such as filters may need to be changed more often because more of the chlorine is reacting with it and being removed from the water. Since it is more reactive less of it is needed in the water so we will be maintaining the average chlorine residual in the water at a lower level than the residual of the chloramines was maintained at. What this means for the various fish owners in town depends upon the removal method that they choose to use. For some this may have no affect and for others it may mean using more of their chosen chlorine removal method.