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Find links to clubs in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin as well as links to national specialty associations.

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Specialty Associations & Organizations

  • American Livebearer Association - The goal of the American Livebearer Association is to gather, organize and disseminate the knowledge of livebearers, to promote fellowship among members, and to further the conservation of species and their natural habitat.
  • Federation of American Aquarium Societies (FAAS) - The Federation of American Aquarium Societies (FAAS), formed in 1973, is a service organization of and for aquarium societies of North, Central and South America.
  • North American Native Fishes Association, Inc. (NANFA) - The North American Native Fishes Association, Inc. (NANFA) is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt corporation dedicated to the appreciation, study and conservation of the continent's native fishes.
  • Aquatic Gardeners Association Inc. (AGA) -The Aquatic Gardeners Association, Inc. is an international nonprofit organization of aquatic plant enthusiasts, which appeals to both beginners and experienced hobbyists alike. If planted tanks are of interest this is a great starting point.
  • American Cichlid Association (ACA) - The largest and most distinguished national organization of the cichlid hobby. Promotes Conservation – Knowledge – Fellowship
  • American Killifish Association (AKA) - The American Killifish Association is a national organization based in the United States. However, membership is open to all people of all countries. The aims of the association are to advance the enjoyment, propagation, study and conservation of killifish (oviparous Cyprinodontiform fish) and to promote fellowship amongst its members. The AKA maintains a number of programs to further these aims. These include the bimonthly publication of the Journal of the American Killifish Association and the monthly publication of a Business Newsletter. The latter includes a Fish and Egg Listing in which members can list fish and eggs for sale or wanted. The AKA also provides an auction site dedicated specifically to killifish, killifish eggs and related items.
  • The Angelfish Society - A site dedicated to Angelfish enthusiast, hobbyists and breeders interested in promoting high uniform standards for Angelfish. The Angelfish Society was founded in 2000 and Incorporated in 2003 as a not-for-profit corporation. If Angelfish are your passion this is a site for you. Also has a forum.
  • North American Discus Association (NADA) - In the spring of 2004, discussion was begun on the formation of a new North American Discus Association. NADA, while open to everyone, would be Internet-based. Most meetings and elections would be held online with one live meeting each year in conjunction with the American Cichlid Association convention. A group of about 20 hobbyists attending the Denver ACA convention gathered on July 23, 2004 to discuss formation of NADA. We decided the time was right to start a new organization. A mission statement and by-laws were approved. Officers were elected and goals were established. This is a good place to start if Discus are your passion.
  • Goldfish Society of America (GFSA) - The Goldfish Society of America is a national organization with a global membership. We are focused on serving this membership through information exchange and expanding knowledge of our hobby. The Society caters to breeders, collectors, and goldfish enthusiasts of all types through the Society’s publications and by supporting local clubs. While dedicated primarily to goldfish, many water gardeners and Koi enthusiasts are also served by the Society.
  • Goldfish Society of Great Britain (GSGB) - This site has a good Goldfish care page The GSGB was formed in 1948, with the objective of bringing together aquarists who are interested in keeping, breeding and studying the Goldfish (Carassius Auratus) We are the largest Goldfish Society or Goldfish Club in the United Kingdom, with Members from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We also have a strong International Membership from such countries as: The United States of America; Canada; Filtered Textan; Greece and New Zealand; undoubtedly attracted by our renowned Bulletin, published six times each year. We welcome both beginners and those who have successfully bred one or more varieties of Goldfish.
  • The Associated Koi Clubs of America (AKCA) - One of the premier sites for those interested in Koi. Has lots of great info plus local / regional club and event listings.
  • Australia New Guinea Fishes Association (ANGFA) - If Fishes from Down Under are your thing this is a great place to start looking. Lots of good info, pictures and a forum.
  • International Betta Congress (IBC) - Site is currently under construction. Premier Betta Organization with members in USA, Canada and Internationally. Promotes Species maintenance, Uniform standards for Show and much more.
  • International Fancy Guppy Association (IFGA) - Founded in 1965, the International Fancy Guppy Association’s mission is to promote the enjoyment and the techniques of breeding fancy guppies to the IFGA's show standards. If Fancy Guppies are your thing this is a site to get you started with advice on breeding, care and much more.