Champaign Area Fish Exchange
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Breeders Award Program

One of the two award programs offered to CAFE members is the Breeders Award Program.  Its purpose is…

  1. To promote the breeding of fish by members.
  2. To recognize the accomplishment of members who breed fish.
  3. To encourage the investigation into breeding methods of the harder to breed fish.
  4. To provide the information on how to successfully breed the more difficult fish to the club membership by way of the In Seine newsletter.
  5. To increase the availability of hard to find or rare fish to other club members by way of the periodic club auctions.
  6. To improve the fish keeper's hobby experience by creating a continuing learning environment.
  7. To encourage the captive breeding and preservation of stock to minimize exploitation of wild populations and help ensure the survival of endangered or threatened species.

Complete rules and submission forms are available for download. All documents are in PDF format.